Why a blog and why now?  Good questions!  Let me see if I can provide some answers.  (Bear with me as I share some history.)

In 1998, I became the “New Church Planter” for Chattahoochee Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Johns Creek, Georgia.  As a part of this ministry I began an email ministry titled “Sunday’s Comin’.”  Each week I would write reflections on scripture, personal thoughts about pressing issues and struggles, and stories that are essential to faith formation.  When I retired in 2008, the readership had grown significantly as persons signed up to receive these offerings, and sometimes they forwarded the emails to friends.

At retirement I replaced “Sunday’s Comin'” with “Out My Window.”  The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak, and after a few postings I quit writing.  I did not realize how tired I was.  Forty-six years of ministry had taken its toll and I needed to take a break.  That was eight years ago.  I think now I am ready to “get back up on the horse.”  Not active ministry…But ready to write again.

I am ready to write for the right reason.  Not for others to read, not to persuade, not to make money, but simply to help me put my thoughts in words.  I need to paint pictures with words in order to see who I am and where I have been. What thoughts, ideas, and experiences have shaped me, and where I am going.  One of my most used questions when I work as a coach with a client sharing an idea is “What does that look like?”  If a person cannot picture a goal to be achieved, then it isn’t going to happen.  Once the picture is clear, then the path from getting from where a person is to where a person wants to be/to go can be developed.  Gaining clarity through writing, painting pictures with words, can help me grow as a person, and perhaps these blogs may help others start a conversation that will lead to his/her growth.

Obviously what I put on this page I am willing to let readers share.  I also invite you to reply.  I always delight in conversation for it is through sharing that relationships are built and intimacy increased.

So, the journey begins!  I will post on Facebook when I new post is up, or you can check here periodically.  Hopefully the journey will be entertaining and enlightening.  We will see….